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Image courtesy of Jay Kan Photography

Image courtesy of Jay Kan Photography

Along the path of life came a camera. Film then digital. Jeff started off as a landscape and abstract photographer and it took many years before his passion for capturing people came to life. Jeff's passion for photography has grown into an addiction and love that he cannot leave alone. Jeff has attended many workshops, watched tutorials, article after article read which has brought him to the level he is today.

Jeff's current evolution came to light in June of 2012 when he attended a friends lighting workshop and became instantly hooked with lighting, studio, onlocation shoot. From that moment he has progressed into the photographer he is today. Even though my focus is Fashion and commercial photography these days, he still love to go out and shoot macro, landscape and nature. Shooting different subjects breaks the cycle and keeps the mind and ideas fresh.

During the past two years Jeff has developed his skillset and vision well beyond his intended goals and continues to thrive in that ambition and dedication to develop his passion for photography further.

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I'm going to take tomorrow.
- Imogen Cunningham


Jeff Lohne

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